I am PAL!

I am now officially a PAL leader. After successfully completing my training with Kit, I am ready to take on the first years. I really enjoyed the two sessions on Monday and today, it was fun interesting and I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself and what it will take to be a PAL leader.

I'm in a group of three with Luke and Vicky which I'm very happy about because I get on with them well and we really worked well together as a group in the PAL training sessions, so much so that Kit practically forced us to be together after watching us in our mock PAL session on Monday. She liked the way we interacted with the class and also believed we came up with a good lesson plan that got everyone in the class doing something.

These sessions have really boosted my confidence and I reckon us three as a group will be able to entertain, help and interact with the first years with ease.

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