Greetings Cards Exhibition... Yeah Right!!

Well! There I was, all excited about my greetings cards going into an exhibition for prospective clients. I got my Mum and Dad down from back home especially!

Shame, the 'exhibition' was in actual fact a general tat (yeah, I said it! TAT!) sale for anyone looking for things to give people they didn't actually like! Our cards, photographed and mounted on seven foot tall boards, looked totally out of place among the stalls and tables.

I don't blame anyone! I know it's not Neil's fault. But I was very let down by the whole day!

Never mind! I just took my Mum and Dad to the inkbar for something to eat instead! That should have impressed them!

Ink Bar Launch Party!!

All the hard work and perseverance pays off! We convinced them with the name, logo, style, everything! and it all looked amazing! We all had a brilliant night, but with free champagne, free food and hanging out with some of the wealthiest people in Bournemouth (and Sally & Neil), who wouldn't!

What I loved most about the night was that seeing all our work in action, all over the walls, windows, menus, everywhere, put everything in perspective for me. It made everything seem real and gave my hard work and effort purpose. It's given me a massive confidence boost and I feel like I could be an awesome designer!
My Favourite picture of the night. Me and Neil Hugging! Memories.

PAL (Round 6) & Talk!

Well! After the climax of last week having a Critique for their work, we though now we could go through their next brief which was similar to one we had last year where we had to produce an advertising campaign for the Poppy Appeal. Their advertising campaign is based around Amnesty International and they have to produce the same stuff we had to, a T-section of a bus and an adshell poster for the bus-stop.

A couple of days later Luke I had to do a talk for Kit about PAL to a load of tutors from other courses interested in taking it onto their course. It was quite nervy having lots of course leaders asking you about PAL but in the end we pulled through and I have no idea if they would take it on but I think they should!

Manchester United 1, Queens Park Rangers 0.

Not bad I suppose! I thought we played well and could even come away slightly hard done by! but there you go. It took a late penalty to see us off. I'm proud!

Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers

Sorry Blog! Wont be here today. I'll be in Manchester having an awesome time watching QPR get thrashed by Man Utd! Oh well! It'll be an experience.

PAL (Round 5)

The Mini Critique!

After the first years stated they would like to cover what to expect from the crit in a couple of days for their text & image brief, Luke, Vicky and I decided to hit it straight on and almost play a devil's advocate roll to prepare them for what Sally and Neil could potentially be like.

Overall, they responded really well from it. I found they got a lot out of the situation and they responded well to any questions we asked. It couldn't have gone any better I feel. Maybe if a few more of them actually brought all if not some of their work! The ones that did though seemed to enjoy it.

Animal Packaging...

Today we have been set the new brief for us to create a new packaging design along with any advertising media necessary for a new watch Animal, the surfing-type clothes company, are developing and due to release in the near future. Its practically a live brief which has been set by the designers at animals headquarters in Poole.

My initial ideas so far go along the ideas of travel, traveling or possibly an item you would take traveling with you. I like the idea of having a piece of packaging that has a primary use as something personal and a secondary use as packaging or protection for the watch without compromising the quality or security of the watch.


Today, we had a meeting with James, the designer working in conjunction with us on the inkbar branding, about our logo, how it will be used, where, etc.

Basically, he's come up with the menu and various other bits and pieces for it which we all really liked and tied in with the theme we were aiming for. He also gave us a few images he's used in the work he's done and chosen a body text font, Helvetica Neue light, which we also all agreed complemented the typefaces we had used in the creation of the logo.