It's Tricky!

Trying to come up with some good ideas has been a bit challenging so far. Because this is something thats important to me and I believe in it so much has possibly put me off playing around with the ideas I have thought of. I'd like to produce something not only i am fond of but Sally, Neil and Kit and even the whole class are fond of too because if they are then it could go towards our campaign for the third year and even want people to join.

At the moment I'm leaning towards some sort of word war two propaganda-style poster with and interesting twist to get people thinking, possibly in block colour or vector graphics. Other ideas I may explore though are;
popart/Warhol style but for what reason I'm not sure.
20's style New York Advertising
or even including my fellow students from Vis Com.
My main aim though, is to symbolise or explain what Visual Communication is all about whilst making the onlooker 'look again' and 'think again'.

I am PAL!

I am now officially a PAL leader. After successfully completing my training with Kit, I am ready to take on the first years. I really enjoyed the two sessions on Monday and today, it was fun interesting and I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself and what it will take to be a PAL leader.

I'm in a group of three with Luke and Vicky which I'm very happy about because I get on with them well and we really worked well together as a group in the PAL training sessions, so much so that Kit practically forced us to be together after watching us in our mock PAL session on Monday. She liked the way we interacted with the class and also believed we came up with a good lesson plan that got everyone in the class doing something.

These sessions have really boosted my confidence and I reckon us three as a group will be able to entertain, help and interact with the first years with ease.

It's been so long.

Its been a while I know but it's not my fault! I haven't got internet at home because the people who lived there before us haven't cancelled their contract!! Very annoying.