PAL (Round 3)

Last week some of the first years mentioned they didn't really know how to personalise their blog for PPRD and some of them said they didn't even have a blog yet! So Luke, Vicky and I thought it would be best if we tried to help them get the ball rolling on their blogs because, if we were all honest, we didn't have a blog last year and I definitely wish I had done one!

So, we sat down and decided we should make them a little PDF about blogger and the easiest way to personalise it. This way were not trying to teach them, they have to read it for themselves and they can have something to keep and reference back to whenever they get stuck.

This went down an absolute treat! We had everyone working away at a computer personalising their blogs, using their handouts whilst us three went round the room chatting to all of them and helping anyone stuck. they all seemed to really get into it because after the hour was up, none of them wanted to leave. When Kit came up to talk to us about how it went, she was very impressed (thanks guys!).

If anyone wants a copy of our handout for blogger, don't hesitate to ask!

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