PAL (Round 4)

Today we thought it would be best for the first years if we helped them out with their time management. I was at first uneasy about doing this with them because I think its quite demeaning and patronising to some of the first years, especially as I am probably younger than most of them and they probably manage their time a lot better than me!
However, when we sat down with them all and asked them if they wanted to or not, they were really up for it! If anything, they seemed to respond really well to the lesson plan and hopefully come away with some good tips from each other.

Today was a first though. At the end of the hour they actually knew what they wanted to cover next week! They all stated they were unsure about what to expect at their final hand in and critique next week so Vicky, Luke and I have told them to bring in all their work next Monday so we can have a Mock Crit. Hopefully we can give them a taste of what to expect and help them prepare for it with confidence.

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