Screen based communication hand in time...

After a busy few weeks with three live briefs on the go and finishing off my website, its been a bit of a rush to get everything on time. I managed to get my website fully functional and up and running on the internet but my research and development work took a back seat.

I've produced a website that I absolutely love! I think it reflects me as a designer perfectly. It's innovative, very different to other websites out there and it has a lot of scope for other uses. I've basically built myself a template in which I can base websites I make in the future without it getting old or boring.

If I'm completely honest, I don't care about the grade I achieved for this because I know I have produced something that I am more than happy with and can use for a good length of my career ass a designer. It's been so helpful, this brief, in terms of finding a job in the future that a grade seems irrelevant.

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