Final Poster Crit With Sally!

That's my day today.

My critique with Sally about the posters was a lot more helpful than I first anticipated it to be. I thought she was just going to say the same thing Neil did a week ago but she didn't. She had no idea who's poster was who's and she had to work out for herself what each poster meant. With my poster;
her perceptions of it were that it was about Visual Communication and obviously the CMYK reference in the logo meant we can work in print, but mainly about how we generate ideas, due to the tag line.
This is partly true. My main aim for this poster was to demonstrate the fact that we generate our own ideas and show that we do a lot more than people perceive. But the general thesis of this poster is to campaign for a third year in Vis Com.
Sally gave me some helpful advice and things to alter to improve my poster. The 'i's definitely have to be change because everyone associates them with the 'information point' logo's around the country. Also, Sally thought that I should carefully consider who I am aiming the poster at, students going on the course or the directors who choose whether we get the third year or not.

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