Yes, it has been. It's certainly dragged on but I managed to get a lot of mundane work done as well as some experimentation for my cards. Because of the nature of my cards, they have to work at certain angles, positions and lengths and if they don't work well in all these areas, they'll look rubbish!

(It's still a surprise!! You'll have to wait and see what they are)

So now I've settled on they designs and patterns of my set of six cards but I'm holding off from settling on my final colours because I would like to see them together as a set before any decisions are made in order for them to compliment each other. Also, I've managed to produce 24 design sheets today (this includes the Look Again / Think Again Project last week) all with research and design ideas and the design processes I have gone through. This isn't it though! I've still got a lot more work to put into them and I'm starting to worry if I have done too much! (Geeky I know!)

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