PAL (Round 2)

After breaking the ice with our new group, one of their main issues was whether or not their work was at a sufficient level. All three of us could relate to what they were thinking as we all had issues about that last year. So we decided to bring in the majority of the work we produced from all our projects, including the one they are doing right now, Text and image. They spent the whole hour looking through our work and we sat around with them telling them about it and answering any questions they might of had.

They seem to respond to this very well and we seemed to chat more during this than when we did the ice-breaker! We explained that in no way should they work in the same way that we did and at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way of doing any of this work, just so long as you can justify why you have done it and make it relevant.

I'm very happy with the group we have. They're all really responsive and good communicators (plus they don't mind having a laugh!) and iI think they will help Luke, Vicky and I succeed at being PAL leaders.

Thanks Guys!

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