First Project! Let the 'Geeking' begin

Look Again / Think Again

For the first part of our new unit, Visual Communication in Context 2, we have to produce an A3 poster with one of the two required outcomes;
  • a social issue that in your opinion has been over looked and needs addressing,
  • an object which carries values that go beyond its intended purpose or everyday use.

After producing several ideas for both I have whittled them down two two in each category. For the social issue option, my two favourite's are;
a Vis Com third year and
fuel prices.
In the personal meaning option, the two that really appealed to me were;
a pack of playing cards and
a Ribena carton.

Personally I think doing the third year Vis Com poster would be great because if it's good enough it could go towards the actual application for the third year to show the classes commitment to Visual Communication as a whole and, personally, it is something I believe in.
I could potentially use this factor in the overall design, possibly by including people who support it also or conveying what Visual Communication is all about.

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